When it comes to buying property, it’s all about location, location, location. It doesn’t matter whether you are buying somewhere new to live or an investment property, you need to think about the specific area that you are looking in. The best places to buy property in England are those that are affordable enough to be popular with renters and buyers, but also have a wide range of local amenities and transport options. It’s all about offering the complete package.


Where Should You Buy Property in England?


  • Northampton– Northampton has been a firm favourite with property buyers for a number of years now, with homes selling in just over 30 days. This is quicker than most other places in England and highlights just how high demand is. In the year leading up to October 2018 house prices in Northampton rose by 5.3%, which is much higher than the national average. As a bustling city, Northampton offers everything that most buyers and renters could want.


  • Leicester– Since 2000, property prices in Leicester have increased by 250% and it continues to report fantastic property price growth compared to many other cities. In fact, it was listed as being the best city in the UK to invest in property only recently. Leicester is a popular place to commuters, as both Birmingham and London are easily reached.


  • ColchesterColchester is often listed as being one of the best places to buy property in England right now, and it’s easy to see why. It has experienced a great deal of growth in recent years, with a number of people flocking there to enjoy its impressive amenities and schools. Though it is located in Essex, Colchester is close enough to London for it boasts useful transport links for commuters.


  • Coventry– Regardless of whether you are buying a new family home or investing in a buy-to-let property, Coventry is one of the best locations to look. It has some of the best house price growth in the UK, with house prices rising by over 250% since 2000. Coventry also attracts a lot of landlords, as it has rental yields that are higher than many other areas.


  • Leytonstone– A lot of young people are moving to the outer boroughs of London, as this is where they get more space for their money, and Leytonstone is proving popular. It is one of the ‘up and coming’ areas in London with great London Underground connections, something that is ideal for those who work in the city centre.

As you can see, there is a wide range of places that are currently very good for property investment. All of the locations listed above are popular with those who are looking for a family home, as well as those who are buying to let.