Back in 2014, planning permission laws in England changed in a big way. Temporary rules which allowed homeowners to add an extension without planning permission were introduced and this gave homeowners a greater amount of freedom when it came to modifying their property. Unsurprisingly, a lot of people wanted these to rules to be made permanent and now they have. Property owners are now able to add a single storey rear extension to their property without having to apply for planning permission, as long as specific requirements are met. Single storey extensions of up to six meters can be added to terraced homes and up to eight metres to detached homes, all without needing planning permission from the local council.


Adding an Extension Without Planning Permission in England

More than half of homeowners in the UK have had extensive building work done on their property, such as an extension of a loft conversion, but many can’t actually remember if they had the correct planning permission to do so in the first place. There is no denying that planning permission can be a huge problem for property owners. Not only is it often a time consuming and arduous process to go through, but it can also put a halt on a number of building plans simply because very specific requirements have not been met.


It’s not uncommon for homeowners to be forced to knock down an extension simply because they didn’t have the correct permissions or because went ahead with an extension without planning permission altogether. This is not something that anyone would advise as it can prevent home insurance from being granted, not to mention that the extension would then be classed as an illegal addition to the property. However, this is unlikely to be a problem going forward and it’s all thanks to new planning laws.


These new laws will mean that many home extensions will be allowed without any planning permission being needed. As long as the extension is only a maximum of six metres in height on terraced houses and eight metres in height on detached houses, there’s no need to apply for permission. Since these rules were first introduced in 2014, thousands of extensions that would previously have required planning permission have been added to homes around the country. This number is set to increase even more now that the rules are here to stay, as it’s a lot easier for certain extensions to go ahead. There’s no need to wait for planning permission to be given and work can start a lot sooner, without the worry of being turned down.


It’s not just homeowners that will benefit from these new planning permission rules, but business owners too. For example, the new rules state that shops will now be able to change into office space without needing a full planning application to do so. This is all part of a conscious effort to improve and respond to the needs of business owners on local high streets.